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The Tib Bar


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The Tib Bar Pro



The Solo Tib Bar


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The Slant Board



The Slant Board is one of the most dynamic pieces of workout equipment and pairs perfectly for ATG (Athletic Truth Group) training. Our Slant Board is primarily used to train the lower body by placing more tension on the VMO’s (Vastus Medialis Oblique). The VMO is the primary muscle that protects the knee from injury. Using our Slant Board along with our Tib Bar can help to lead to stronger knees.

You can use the Slant Board to decrease knee pain, gain strength, increase flexibility and become a better athlete! Our Slant Board has been tested safely with up to 700lbs of weight on it! Built in the USA, made out of high quality premium wood and custom grip tape.


The Slant Board Highlights

  • Premium Structural Plywood.
  • High Quality Custom Grip Tape.
  • Product Dimensions - 19.5in Length | 11in Width | 6in Height | 28.5 Degree Slope 
  • Perfect for ATG
  • Tested up to 700lbs. 


We highly recommend our Slant Board to be used along with ATG training.  For more information about becoming a member of ATG please go to ATGOnlineCoaching.com and also check out Ben Patrick @KneesOverToesGuy on Instagram!


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