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The Tib Bar is easy, comfortable, and amazing for reducing the risk of lower-body injuries from activities such as running and jumping.  Great for preventing and getting rid of shin splints, strengthening the ankles, and reducing the chance of knee injuries by training your shins and tibialis anterior muscle in a full range of motion. Amazing for ATG (Athletic Truth Group) members that are in ATG Zero, ATG Dense, and ATG Standards program. For more information regarding these programs please visit ATG Online Coaching and Ben Patrick on Instagram @kneesovertoesguy


The Tib Bar Guys developed a strong, high-density plastic Tib Bar that offers great convenience and comfort. We utilize high-quality materials and look to offer the best value and service! Our Tib Bar has been safely tested doing Tib raises using up to 50 lbs.; however, most users will exercise using 10-30 lbs. 


Our Tib Bar was inspired by the SPRI D.A.R.D Machine which came out in the late 1980s. This was used to strengthen the shin/anterior tibialis muscles and was often referred to as a reverse calf machine. This style of training didn't catch on as most were not aware of the importance of the device until most recently when Ben Patrick of ATG has helped bring to light the extraordinary benefits of increasing the strength of the tibialis muscles, for greater health & fitness.


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