12/03/2021 UPDATE: V2 of The Tib Bar is here! Our updated Tib Bar now includes a custom 42mm weight clamp that secures the weight plates tight to the base to prevent movement while in use!


Our Tib Bar is great and comes recommended by Ben Patrick of ATG for the ATG fitness program, and we highly recommend using this as part of your workout regimen. We are offering an affordable and ready to ship product for those looking to start using a Tib Bar and doing Tib Raises. The Tib Bar and Tib Raises will help develop a strong tibialis anterior muscle. This is the first line of defense against knee injuries.


The tibialis anterior is the muscle that runs next to the shin bone, down the front of the leg from the knee to the ankle. When the tibialis anterior muscle is weak, undue force being generated through walking, running or jumping makes its way to the knee, causing knee pain and shin splints.


Strengthening the tibialis anterior has been linked to a decrease in shin splints and knee pain. Using the Tib Bar also helps to strengthen the muscles, tendons and ligaments surrounding the ankle while simultaneously stretching and increasing the ankles range of motion.


Amazing for ATG and their Zero, Dense, and Standards program. Be sure to pick one up for yourself today!


Orders ship the next day! $99 plus shipping. READY TO SHIP!!


Tib Bar Highlights

  • High-Density PVC Construction.
  • High-Quality Foam Padding.
  • Custom 42mm Weight Clamp To Secure Weight Plates.
  • Industrial Rubber Weight Spacer and Bumpers.
  • 7" Loading Bar.
  • Fits Olympic Size Weight Plates.
  • Tested up to 50 lbs.! (Typical range is 10 - 30 lbs. for most users)


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The Tib Bar

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